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VIPpanel Front panel simulator
VIPpanel Front panel simulator VIPpanel is our front panel simulator which allows you to simply create and test your own front panels with key board, display and LEDs. Based on our µTasker technology you can very quickly evaluate the operation of your own equipment without incurring costs for the production of hardware... » Details
µTasker programming environment
µTasker programming environment How can you efficiently develop applications for the freescale MC9S12NE64 without high initial costs and a long learning process? It is easy using our development environment, consisting of an MC9S12NE64 simulator for Visual Studio, ÁTasker - our operating system and TCP/IP stack optimised for 8 and 16 bit micro-controllers, the GNU compiler for the HCS12 and a debugger... » Details
From 0 to 100% on the first project day..
Jumpstart We offer a jump-start service for projects using our µTasker programming environment, and can configure your project so that you can fully concentrate on the development of your application on the first day. The project is analysed and the environment correspondingly configured with all necessary drivers and resources so that nothing stands in its way. And help is always at hand should you need it... » Details
µTasker Demonstration
Webcam To demonstrate the flexibilty and especially the Internet capabilities of the µTasker solution we have implemented a couple of examples for you. Visit our Webcam and control the equipment either over the Embedded Webserver or via the VIPpanel.

Seminar: TCP/IP Stack for Embedded-Systems
Special edition for the Freescale MC9S12NE64

Seminar TCP/IP We offer a special edition of our TCP/IP training seminar for the Freescale MC9S12NE64. The training course concentrates on the implementation of a TCP/IP stack which is specially suited to embedded systems. It is an intensive course for developers who want get the most out of network protocols. The examples are based on a platform for the MC9S12NE64 and the course visitors receive the following hardware and software tools: Development board, fully configured project including the 'ÁTasker' operating system and TCP/IP stack, GNU compiler fo the HCS12 [without usage restrictions], a debugger [for serial and Ethernet debugging] and a simulation environment.
The course is offered in English or German languages - please contact us if you would like to attend a future seminar.
» More information about the seminar
µTasker for educational establishments
We offer the µTasker environment free of charge for use by educational establishments and non-commercial use. The simulator allows its use without the need for external hardware
It is also ideal for the study of the TCP/IP stack since Ethereal recordings can be played back in the simulator environment allow the software to process the frames and the complete software can be stepped using the debugger.
Pleae contact us by telephone or mail if you are interested in taking advantage fo our offer - including free support!

New demonstation: Temperature remote monitoring
The new demonstration at this link shows the present time and temperature and supports the display of the temperature history. User name "anon" / password "anon". Visit our webcam to see the device at work.