Summer 2011 - Trip to England and drive back to Switzerland with Mum

Mid-August 2011 - trip over to England via Arras where I stayed at the Clos Grincourt

Arrival on ferry - White Cliffs of Dover

David Moss showing us how to cook Malaysian style. Many thanks for the delicious food and relaxing afternoon with the gathered family members:

I managed a couple of games at Droitwich Golf Club - the course was very dry but it was nice to bump into quite a lot of people I knew:

Also managed a few walks on the Malvern Hills:

Ledbury Carnival

and the Major visiting Mum's WI cake stall:

Old-timer / Classic charity car show at Pomona Farm:

Popped up to Cutnall Green to visit Dad's corner of the church yard:

And then it was off down toward Dover with Mum on our way back to the continent. First stop was at a lovely Oast House (B and B) in Kent (Bishopsdale):

Although some visitors obviously didn't have such a good time as we did...

The next day we took the ferry - here waiting for boarding at Dover:

The first nicht was at the Abbaye de Sept Fontaines at Fagnon, near to Prix-les-Mezieres.
This is situated in its own 18 hole golf course and I managed 9 holes before we left the next day:

The second night's stop-over was at the Chateau d'Alteville (Tarquimpol):

Back in Switzerland we also managed a nice afternoon out on the Vierwaldstaettersee (Weggis to Brunnen):

Mum left back to the UK by plane after staying with us for two weeks....