VIrtual Prototyping Panel (VIPpanel)

With the VIPpanel Software you receive a powerful tool for testing standard front panels or for designing your own creations. Here you can download the newest software version, which can be installed very easily on a WindowsXP PC.


Download VIPpanel Software V1.1


User's guide to the VIPpanel (pdf) including interface specification


User's guide to the VIPpanel Demo-appication (pdf). [The Demo-applikation integrated in the VIPpanel software and enables immediate testing of your own designs]


Do you already have a target hardware where your application is operating? Simply send us your VIPpanel design file and we will send you back - with out charge - a configuration of the VIPpanel which you can then connect to your target, either via the serial interface or Ethernet LAN interface of your PC. We are always there to give you advice and can even offer complete development solutions if desired.

Once you have completed the design and test of your own front panel, we would be please to make you an offer for the delivery of hardware prototypes.

Using you VIPpanel design files, we can quickly make an offer. We can also integrate on request further functions, such as RTC (Real Time Clock), temperure sensors, additional analog or digital inputs and outputs, or an Ethernet LAN interface to make your equipment internet enabled. Simple specify your requirement and we would be please to advise you of the best solution for your needs. .